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“Person and Cosmos are complimentary and synergistic aspects of one greater whole...

what we think, say, or do leaves a mark on the universe.  And the changed universe “communicates” with us in the “language” that includes our contribution.”

(Practical Kabbalah)


Dadi Janki, one of my spiritual guides and leader of the Brahma Kumaris, said this, “So now is not the time for being careless with our life’s aim.  It is the time  to take up our world responsibility , truthfully.  Now is the time to think of the world.  We have to do something for the world”.  With this in mind, we are committed to doing something for humanity and supporting positive change in the world through the service we provide to our visitors, guests and retreat participants,  or through our support for organizations committed to bringing “Light” to the world.


We believe that as we “RELEASE” what we are not; And, “MOVE INTO INTO THE HEART CENTER” to express who we truly are – LOVE and COMPASSION; then, we can serve as agents of change, one “Awakened”  individual at a time, and “INTEGRATE” our unique talents and abilities for the benefit of a New Earth!


We support the vision of the following organizations:

  • Light On The Mountain, is committed to providing  a retreat and sanctuary for struggling children where they can feel loved and safe, while enjoying the great outdoors through a camp program.

  • Playing for Change Foundation, a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music:

  • One, The Campaign to Make Poverty History:

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