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The Transformation / Conquering the Dragon

The Transformation / Conquering the Dragon - The philosophy of The Heart Center is centered around self-sovereignty, taking responsibility for your life, and following a disciplined approach to wellness, healing, and restoration of your Truth. This 4-step approach entails shifting our focus from a body, egoic or external consciousness into a Spiritually-based, internal or Soul consciousness.  This shift in consciousness generates the balance and harmony between mind, body, and Spirit.

Release: Realize who I Am Not - Our human experiences of programming, conditioning, and labelling distract us from the eternal Truth of our being. To release means to let go of who we are not and what no longer serves us. Knowledge of self, mindfulness, and observation are our key tools in this process.  “Each of us must discover how to emerge from our personal cave of constricting darkness and allow our uniqueness to illuminate the lives of those feted to share our journey.  Only ego stands in the way of sharing our gifts, expressing compassion, and discovering the positive side of adversity.” – Practical Kabbalah 


Surrender: Recognize I Am not in Control - The dragon to be conquered within is the ego, who likes to believe it is omnipotent. Releasing the fear-based trap of the ego and having faith in Spiritual guidance will ensure our wellbeing and happiness. We heal by returning to our self-sovereignty and allowing the egoic mind’s desire for control to dissolve naturally, which opens us to higher levels of consciousness and a larger vision.


Return to Love: Who I Am, The Truth of my Being - Meditation and self-knowledge open us to embrace universal love and guidance. This is a state of beingness and receivership, rather than the egoic perspective of doing and controlling. By creating space for self-love, forgiveness, and compassion, we connect with a Spiritual community who believes in practicing the principles of Love, Peace, Giving, Joy, and Oneness.  


Integration: Consciousness of Oneness: I Am more of who I Am, I Am an integral part of the Whole - Each of us is a unique piece of the puzzle. By thinking in magnitude and realizing the potential of our natural gifts, we become of service to humanity and to the planet. With an abundance mindset, we learn that to give is to receive. If one of us is separate, we are all incomplete!  “Person and Cosmos are complimentary and synergistic aspects of one greater whole…what we think, say, or do leaves a mark on the universe. And the changed universe “communicates” with us in the “language”that includes our contribution.” – Practical Kabbalah

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Healing Services - At The Heart Center we wish to offer you a variety of healing opportunities that together create a holistic pathway to experiencing wellbeing, balance, and harmony of mind, body, and spirit.  Liz Velazquez works intuitively and, with her many years of experience, through initial consultation, to explore and determine the best possible avenue for the individual to access their inner wisdom and promote self-healing and restoration of peace, love, joy, balance and harmony.

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