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What Are Our Social Impact Goals

  • A deeper, personal spiritual connection to higher level consciousness, self and world
- Daily open meditation, retreats, healing work and spiritual guidance
- A respectful and universal approach, focusing on common ground
- A peaceful and restorative experience
- Online and video education and motivation
  • An unforgettable experience that warrants returning and referring others
- Comfortable and harmonious accommodations
- A universal, joyous and warm
family-based guest service model
- Inviting and uplifting setting, activities and facilities
  • A uniquely natural and holistic experience
- Focus on pristine and natural environment education and awareness
- Area outdoor adventure and connection with nature at places of interest
- Sacred Choice Cafe - emphasizing healthy, vegetarian food choices

- Organic Terra A Mesa experience

- Smoke and drug-free facility
  • A personal understanding of the value of temporary detachment from worldly concerns
- A commitment to a more limited technology experience to help the body and mind to relax and reconnect with other essentials - Wi-Fi and cellular
- Positive and enlightening reading materials, talks, movies and seminars
- Help individuals enjoy the health benefits of reconnecting with nature – Forest bathing
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