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Testimonials for the Heart Center

"Wow. Where to begin... this place is truly magical. If you are considering renting this dreamy cabin, do not hesitate! Truly exceeded our expectations in every way. I can honestly say it was an experience I will carry with me forever! The cabin is equipped with everything you may need, spotless clean, spacious and in a BEAUTIFUL location! Pictures don't even do it justice. I wish every host was as thoughtful. We got to do the reiki healing with liz (highly recommend) and even got to participate in a sacred ceremony. Every single person at the Heart Center radiates pure light and warmth. We literally want to move in!!! Take us, please!!!" – Rachel


"The Heart Center Is a magical place where Time, Space, and You are ONE." – Luz M.


"Everything as advertised! Liz ensured all of our needs / concerns were addressed. Recommend her property if you're truly looking for 'off grid' and/or remote, peaceful location. Will definitely visit again in the future! – Mike


"What can I say? The Mongolian Yurt at the heart center was an amazing place to lay our heads and gaze up at the stars, saying in the yurt was a magical experience. A perfect place to base our fall road trip across the winding mountain ranges to see the leaves changing color. Liz had all the right recommendations and gave us the local tips. We especially enjoyed the short hike to yellow falls and then hugging large trees in Joyce Kilmer Memorial forest, it was a fantastic day. Easy, comfortable and clean all the amenities were all there. Liz has done a great job transforming the old school into a beautiful retreat center. Yurt camping made it easy so we didn't have to set up a tent or pull out the camping gear for a one night escape. We will definitely be back!" – Julian

"Definitely recommend if you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. If you come, please take the time for a Reiki session and keep your minds open and relaxed. Worth it! Will be back!" – Tiara


“An absolutely charming cabin in the woods. Centrally located to all the great outdoor activities that the area has to offer. I felt a complete peace wash over me at this place. Just sitting on the patio listening to the wind in the trees and watching the sunlight play among the leaves was pure magic. I took so many pictures my phone filled up! You are constantly driving from one beautiful photograph into the frame of another. Liz is an amazing host and took the time to come meet us and show us all local attractions, which there are many. I can't recommend this place enough.” – James

"Liz was an awesome host. She was extremely friendly and had so many great recommendations for things to do in the area. This was the first time I've stayed in a yurt and I'll definitely be back. I wish I could've stayed longer! I also highly recommend doing a reiki session with Liz. It was awesome!" – Ben

"Our family had an amazing stay in our yurt! The grounds and yurt were impeccably clean. Our two young boys had endless amount of activities to our access. We received a very heartfelt and warm welcome. We had no cell reception so it made for a beautiful, uninterrupted time with family...finding our heart centers." – Danielle

"This was our favorite place we've stayed in the Smoky Mountain area. The photos of this place do NOT do it justice, it is even better in person! The cabin was spotless and smelled like the fresh pine wood it was built with. Liz was a fantastic host and had great recommendations for hiking and sightseeing in the area.. we did everything she recommended and it was a blast! We enjoyed the fireplace and the wrap around porch. I have absolutely no complaints and would come back in a heartbeat. FYI: This is a dry county so be sure to get your beverages before heading in or you'll have a bit of a drive" – Rachel

"I have had the privilege to get to know Liz and the Heart Center on a very intimate basis as I’ve stayed there as a guest, had life-changing Reiki offered by Liz, studied various spiritual modalities in Liz’s immersive classes, and went all the way to getting my Reiki certification because of the profundity I feel whenever I’m there.   This is a sacred place of learning, care, nourishment, restoration, and, the ultimate in healing.  My first time there I was a guest staying in the cabins which were so clean and inviting!  There is so much to discover every time I find myself there!  The Heart Center and Liz are truly such a blessing. What a place!" – Carla

“I had the incredible privilege to experience what the Heart Center, and most importantly Liz, had graciously coordinated for myself and a small intimate group of fellow followers. The Heart Center is truly a beacon of light, peace, and brotherhood/sisterhood.  It is a truly special place and is owned and operated by a truly special person. I have been to the center a few times at this point and I feel more and more connected to my soul and higher source after each visit. My life’s journey would not be the same without the sacred experiences that I’ve had while I’ve been there. My connection to God and source has truly deepened after my visits.  I truly believe that Liz is a profound healer, teacher, and guide. I believe her work is changing the world one soul at a time and I would hope that every single person could embrace her messages and teachings - as they come directly from God. With much Love." –  Laura

"Liz offers thoughtful and accessible life coaching services with a focus on mindfulness and remembering the Truth of your Being. She empowers you to think in magnitude, realize your full potential, and take responsibility for your life, which opens you to being in alignment with Spirit. With her gentle guidance and your own meditative discipline, you will find yourself leading a life with love, serving humanity and the world with your natural born gifts." – Alethea 

"The Heart Center is one of the great spiritual temples here on the planet. I found deep rest and restoration here, as I took retreat from the 3-D world. Access to Universal Intelligence runs very high in this location, I got many helpful downloads providing clarity around my own personal healing, as well as my life mission. Thank you, Liz, for what you’ve created here."
– Emily

“Vivo en una ciudad muy grande con todos los problemas que esto tiene. Desde la primera vez que llegue a este sitio experimenté gran paz, he vuelto en diferentes épocas del año admirando los maravillosos escenarios de la naturaleza en todas sus expresiones. Aprendi allí con Liz el enorme valor de la meditación y del silencio interior y esto ha traído un nuevo y enriquecedor enfoque a mi vida.” – Priscila G.

“El centro del corazón es un lugar mágico y especial, desde que empiezas el viaje para llegar a el te encuentras con montañas, rios y paisajes naturales. Empiezas a sentir el aire sin usar donde fluye paz y armonía. Al llegar al centro ya estas impregnado de naturaleza , empieza la desintoxicación de el mundanal ruido y logras escuchar tu corazón, sentir y ver toda la naturaleza  manifestada en flora y fauna a la que se complementan sus cómodas y acogedoras cabañas  , yurts, salón de meditación, cafeteria, cancha de tennis entre otros. Todos los espacios que rodean el centro del corazón como bosques , lagos, rios , cascadas donde puedes  practicar senderismo, nadar, caminar y cualquier tipo de actividad al aire libre  te llevan a conectarte  con tu ser interior.  El espacio del centro del corazón se magnifica con la compañia, apoyo y servicio de su dueña Liz Velazquez que con su sabiduria , servicialidad y cariño te acompaña en el proceso de disfrutar del silencio y vivir el presente.  Sumado a la gran experiencia de recibir Reiki si lo deseas. Pierdes  la  nocion del condicionamiento del tiempo y disfrutas minuto a minuto de cada regalo que te da el universo . El centro de corazon te deja lleno de paz y siempre con el deseo de volver para reafirmar que si existen lugares donde podemos ser y disfrutar plenamente del reencuentro contigo mismo. En sintesis el centro del corazon es el sitio al que siempre quieres volver.” – Gladys B.

"Truly Magical.  I loved my stay at The Heart Center. It was the mini-retreat I needed. I wish I could’ve stayed longer. Liz and Anna are phenomenal hosts - kind and caring. The yurt was lovely and the bed comfortable. You have the opportunity to relax or explore. There are hiking trails and a waterfall a quick drive away. They have several different healing arts offerings: yoga, meditation, foot detox, infrared sauna, etc. Directions to get there were clear. Communication was easy. A great opportunity to take a break from technology. You’re mostly off the grid, so be sure to download a map of that area for driving. WiFi is available near the main communal space if you need it. I can't wait to return for a longer stay to relax, breathe, adventure, and rest. Highly recommend!"  - Andrea W.

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