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Vision & Mission

Vision - The Heart Center, a restorative healing community for the mind, body, and Spirit, envisions a New Earth where everyone expresses their uniqueness and magnitude through their gifts and talents; self-mastery and integration of their own Truth, in alignment with a Spiritually based universal consciousness, embodies the principles of love, peace, harmony, and Oneness.

Mission - Using a Spiritual, energetic, and holistic approach, The Heart Center provides a window of opportunity for self-intuitive healing and individual awareness that restores balance and harmony, wellbeing and joy, which spreads a ripple effect into our communities and Mother Earth.  

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Reiki Healing Services - Reiki is a very ancient healing modality from Japan that uses the transmission of energy via a channel, a Reiki Master or practitioner, to heal and restore the mind, body and spirit.  It is very much like a massage without all the touching or can be done without touching the body at all.  This healing energy has no time or space and it is the combination of the wisdom of the Universal Life Force Energy in all things (Rei), combined with the individual's own intuitive, inner wisdom and knowing (ki), along with a heart-felt intention, that can produce great changes in a person's life and physical, as well as, emotional well-being.
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Releasing - “Each of us must discover how to emerge from our personal cave of constricting darkness and allow our uniqueness to illuminate the lives of those feted to share our journey.  Only ego stands in the way of sharing our gifts, expressing compassion, and discovering the positive side of adversity.” – Practical Kabbalah
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Moving Into the Heart Center - Meditation and Contemplation Practices – Part of the process of moving into the Heart Center, we believe, entails some form of meditation and/or contemplation practice that is attuned to the individuals needs and personal choice.  Therefore, our programs include guided and silent meditations using techniques from various modalities such as Raja Yoga, Vipassana, Kabbalistic, and Osho.
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Integration -“Person and Cosmos are complimentary and synergistic aspects of one greater whole…what we think, say, or do leaves a mark on the universe. And the changed universe “communicates” with us in the “language”that includes our contribution.” – Practical Kabbalah