Reiki Healing Services


Reiki Healing Services

Reiki is a very ancient healing modality from Japan that uses the transmission of energy via a channel, a Reiki Master or practitioner, to heal and restore the mind, body and spirit.  It is very much like a massage without all the touching or can be done without touching the body at all.  This healing energy has no time or space and it is the combination of the wisdom of the Universal Life Force Energy in all things (Rei), combined with the individual's own intuitive, inner wisdom and knowing (ki), along with a heart-felt intention, that can produce great changes in a person's life and physical, as well as, emotional well-being.


Some Benefits You Might Experience from Reiki Healing Services

  • Reduces Stress/Anxiety

  • Helps to balance left and right brain hemispheres for clarity and focus

  • Restores vital life force energy in the body's main energy centers or Chakras

  • Produces a feeling of wellbeing and peace

  • Brings the body back into connection with nature also known as grounding

  • Promotes healing and harmony in the body for more fluidity

  • Clears blockages from past trauma or dis-ease


What To Expect During Reiki Healing Services

Reiki Healing services at the Heart Center are tailored to give each individual an experiential foundation for growth, change, restoration, happiness, prosperity, peace, and love. We aim to give you the tools for personal transformation, based on your unique circumstances and personal needs, and the intuitive wisdom of the Universal Life Force Energy (Rei) and your own inner knowledge and wisdom (ki).

Why Receive Reiki Healing Services

We are bringing about a new world order – A higher level of consciousness in the history of humanity. This New Earth is built on the principles of peace, unity, harmony, compassion, inner wisdom, unconditional love, and respect for life. Since this shift is said to occur through humanity coming back into their Heart Center, we are, literally, dedicated to assisting and supporting individuals, couples, families, and groups, who are interested and committed to bringing about their own personal transformation, which in turn, brings the world, one person at a time, closer to Global Awakening and a Return to Love.


What does it take to bring about this shift one individual at a time? Emmet Fox, spiritual teacher, wrote that life is consciousness, in other words, being present and aware. Buddha said, “I am Awake”. Krishnamurti, another great spiritual teacher, said that most of us are walking around dead, not really living at all. It is The Heart Center’s primary goal to help our visitors to experience their aliveness; to help them to become Aware and Awake to the beauty inside and outside; to be fully present and to embrace their role in this new world order by becoming conscientious and loving participants in all aspects of their lives.