About Us

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Vision & Mission

Vision - The Heart Center, a restorative healing community for the mind, body, and Spirit, envisions a New Earth where everyone expresses their uniqueness and magnitude through their gifts and talents; self-mastery and integration of their own Truth, in alignment with a Spiritually based universal consciousness, embodies the principles of love, peace, harmony, and Oneness.

Mission - Using a Spiritual, energetic, and holistic approach, The Heart Center provides a window of opportunity for self-intuitive healing and individual awareness that restores balance and harmony, wellbeing and joy, which spreads a ripple effect into our communities and Mother Earth.  

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Liz VelazquezDisruptive Channel, Restoration of Truth Conduit, Life Path Guide, Intuitive Healing Agent. Liz, Founder of the Heart Center, has been studying Truth principles since the age of 13, when she was invited to attend a Unity Church service.  She immediately fell in love with the natural environment of the church – a giant tree growing from inside and out through the ceiling.

Secondly, she was impressed by the fact that there was meditation during the service – she could feel the peace and harmony in that short moment of silence in which everyone participated.  Finally, she was captured by the words of the minister when he said,  "I know you are all doing well in the worldly sense because you are elegantly dressed; you live in a great neighborhood; and, you are driving nice cars.  But I want to tell you something, there is not a house fancy enough for you, or clothes elegant enough for you, or cars that can take you to greater places, than what is available to you in the true knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven." 

She was hooked!  She proposed to herself after that service to live in close communion with nature; practice meditation on a regular basis and to seek the truth in that ethereal promised land.  It has been a long, beautiful, challenging and rewarding journey and it has been her professional intention and heart felt desire to assist others in their journey to discovering their own inner truth and the joy and peace that she has experienced in her life through, nature, meditation and contemplation.

Training and Education:

  • Graduated from UC, Davis – Social/Cultural Anthropologist

  • Unity Chaplain in Prayer Ministry, Tampa, FL

  • Therapeutic Foster Parent and Case Management, NC

  • Usui Reiki Master and Reiki Tummo Practitioner

  • Raja Yoga Advanced Teacher Training, San

  • 4 Years of Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing, A Society of Souls

  • Enneagram

  • Kriya Yoga Initiate, Center for Spiritual Awareness, GA

  • Founder of Light on the Mountain, Struggling Children’s Camp

  • Founder of The Heart Center, a Restorative Healing Center for Mind, Body and Spirit

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Erin Smith – Marketing/Special Events Coordinator. My name is Erin Smith Emmons, and I’m proudly a part of The Heart Center team. I moved to North Carolina five years ago from Alaska. It was there that I found my deep relationship with Mother Earth and our environmental impact.


I served a native village as an environment specialist in sustainability and preservation of natural resources, mostly living off the land in a respectful way. I feel these experiences led me to help be a steward of our environment and realize that we are all connected to this divine earth. It brings me much joy to represent this special place of The Heart Center in promoting awareness to enlightening events, and continuing the connection among people who share the desire to gain contentment and the peace that The Heart Center embodies.