Step Three in our work together involves Integration.

Once you have Released who you are not and fully entered your heart center, you can rediscover your true self, the truth of your being, and experience Integration.

Visitors who enter into our three-step Healing Services are supported in taking specific steps to support yourself in moving towards and achieving your higher mission on earth.

You may be working or living in a situation that is not right for your true purpose. We work with facing your fears, goal-setting, taking small steps to begin supporting yourself in finding happiness and living into your sacred essence.

It is one thing to come to our center, experience healing, and be recharged; it is another thing entirely to go home and change your life to support a higher plane of existence. You may have habits or addictions that work against you living into your essence: the Integration step is where you face this.

Dadi Janki, one of my spiritual guides and leader of the Brahma Kumaris, says, “Now is not the time for being careless with our life’s aim. It is time to take up our world responsibility, truthfully. Now is the time to think of the world.  We have to do something for the world”.  With this in mind, we are committed to doing something for humanity and supporting positive change in the world through the service we provide to our visitors, guests and retreat participants,  or through our support for organizations committed to bringing “Light” to the world.

As the Practical Kabbalah teaches, “Person and Cosmos are complimentary and synergistic aspects of one greater whole…what we think, say, or do leaves a mark on the universe.  And the changed universe “communicates” with us in the “language” that includes our contribution.”