Photo Overview of the Heart Center

Our mission is to offer a unique place and setting to our community, tourists, and retreat visitors, where they can enjoy, explore, and relax, in a loving, healthy, and family-friendly environment. We strive to provide comfortable, tranquil, and affordable accommodations, while at the same time, offering those who desire it, a unique experience for the mind, body, and spirit.

  • Full Court Gymnasium

  • Tennis Court

  • Playground

  • Labyrinth

  • Campground

  • Picnic Area

Cafeteria at the Heart Center

Our cafeteria has fed students and seekers for more than 60 years, beginning when it was the Robbinsville K-12 School. We have all-new, professional, stainless steel appliances and counters and 800 square feet of space for meals and meetings. Pictured here are both the dining area and the kitchen area.


Our sanctuary  is a place for peace and tranquility.  A place to turn within and enter into that stillness and silence that is our home and true sanctuary.  This is a place where judgement disappears and our religion becomes Love.  We embrace the goodness in all of us, and therefore respect different belief traditions.  At the core, we believe we are all one and through contemplation all separation is made whole.