Light on the Mountain at The Heart CenterThe Heart Center is the base camp for Light On The Mountain, the children’s version of The Heart Center’s adult program.  We are very glad to support and participate in every aspect of the children’s program through:

Light on the Mountain, a 501 (c) 3 Organization

Light On The Mountain is committed to providing a spiritual retreat and sanctuary for struggling children. Our retreat encompasses spiritual, educational, and recreational activities designed to enhance the children’s awareness and sensitivity to their inner essence and their connection to others.

Our focus is to give children an opportunity to not only explore nature and all the wonderful outdoor activities that go with it, but also to increase their sense of connectedness with the world around them. We intend to promote a positive change in their self esteem, enhance their ability to relate to others and to make them feel loved and safe.

Our organization wants to make a difference in our communities from the grass roots perspective. We are a group of concerned people who want to take their world responsibility seriously and do something for the world. Whether teaching a child to play pickleball, enjoying nature together, or asking the harder questions of why they feel so disconnected from society, lonely or unloved, we want to make a positive difference.

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