This 3 day workshop will take place at The Heart Center from June 17, 2016 to June 19, 2016.   Bill Skiles, the presenter, and the author of “Steps to a Mystical Experience,” and “Secrets of the Spiritual Kingdom,” has been teaching free classes only to anyone seeking a higher level of consciousness.  Inspired by Joel Goldsmith’s and his own profound spiritual experiences and Divine guidance, Bill has developed a deep insight that has transformed his life from the inside out.  With his uncanny and personable ability to share the process of that transformation, he brings it alive and makes it accessible to others through the written and spoken word.  Bill shares his discovery of a Divine Presence alive in everyone of us.  This presence is the God-experience that has been available since time began.  Like Bill, in the inner temple of our being, we can learn how to be still and know that I in the midst of thee am God.

Class Schedule:

Friday, June 17                                        Saturday, June 18                           Sunday, June 19

6:45-7:45pm     Registration                  9:45-10:00 am      Meditation                     9:45-10:00  am     Meditation

7:45-8:00pm    Meditation                     10:00-11:15 am     Class                                 10:00-11:15 am      Class

8:00-9:00pm    Class                                 Lunch                                                                   2:00 pm                    Individual Sessions

2:45-3:00 pm        Meditation

3:00-4:30 pm        Class


7:45-8:00 pm        Meditation

8:00-9:15 pm         Class

Tuition is  $100.00, $150.00 per couple

Refreshments will be served

Liz for more information or to register